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Harrold the Flying Sheep

He's that most dangerous of animals, a clever sheep.

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Birthdate:Mar 23
Location:Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Quixotic, sarcastic, funny, optimistic, weird, bizarre, romantic, serious, flippant, dedicated, easily distracted by shiny objects, intense, artistic, cynical in small and large doses, has trouble with flying insects (but is almost over it), big hazel eyes, quick to smile and laugh, slightly absent-minded, loves Belgium milk chocolate, dislikes fanaticism of any kind, can be depended on in a crunch but not in toffee, loves rollercoasters but not waiting in line, been told has big hands, loves convertibles, loves movies, prefers to dislike than hate, dislikes Starbucks, is usually very very silly.

Interests (140):

'80s music, 80's cartoons, 80's music, absurd pop music, aftermarket, air hockey, akira, animation, animator, anime, ask dna, australia, baileys, being silly, berlin, blade runner, bloom county, bohemian, books, bookstores, british columbia, bvlgari, caffeine, cartoons, cary grant, chalk circle, character animator, charlotte's web, chinese iron balls, chocolate, cibo espresso, clove cigarettes, coffee, computer animation, computers, cowboy bepop, crosswords, daffy duck, diet pepsi, dingos stole my baby, doc martens, doctor who, double entendres, driza-bone, egon schiele, eighties music, elegant manskank, elfwood, enterprise, esthero, fixx, front line assembly, gastown, germany, gespenst, get fuzzy, ghosts, gir, girls in corsets, harrold the flying sheep, houdini, html, hugo boss, icewind dale, industrial music, international herald tribune, invader zim, ipaq, jelly babies, jigsaw puzzles, kitsilano, kruder and dorfmeister, latte, laughing, law & order, liberty meadows, lightwave, linkin park, loonie tunes, mac, macintosh, macross plus, macs, maui jim, maya7.0, mc escher, miata, monty python, movies, munich, mx-5, new wave, nin, nose kisses, novels, nutella, one-hit wonders, originality, osx, people-watching, pepsi one, pop will eat itself, pretentious adelaide accents, raising arizona, robin williams, rollercoasters, san francisco, sarcasm, self-indulgence, sheep, sheep bleating for more, shiina ringo, silver, sin city, snuggling, softimage, special effects, split enz, stompy boots, sushi, teen titans, terry pratchett, the 80's, the addams family, the fisher king, the matrix, the the, thomas dolby, thunderbirds 2086, toy fox terrier, transformers, tydirium, vancouver, vancouver bc, visual effects, waffles, word games, xsi4.2, yoko kanno, yokushitsu

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